Stockings for Everyone!

Since this was the first year my boyfriend has joined my family for Christmas, we had to get him a stocking for Santa to fill. Shopping for the perfect stocking is just torture – there are rarely any cute ones that match what you’re looking for. For my family in particular, we have a certain theme we like to go by. Mom and Dad’s stockings match. My sister and brother-in-law’s stockings match. Naturally, mine and Korey’s needed to match.

About 8 years ago, Mom went on a creative kick and made mine and my sister’s stockings completely by hand. Luckily she kept all the spare fabric so that all the stockings would coordinate when the time came to add new members. However, making stockings from scratch is so incredibly time consuming, so Mom and I came up with the idea to tweak a plain, store bought stocking from Walmart (spent maybe $8 total on supplies).

Here’s what we did: we cut the toe off the plain stocking and replaced it with a similar pattern from my stocking. This was super easy to do with a sewing machine, just be aware of the layers and make sure it will flip out correctly. Then I took a hot glue gun to the fabric, balls, and fringe to create the perfect stocking for my perfect man to fit in with my perfect family!